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Today I learned: About LanguageTool.
Well actually I am using LanguageTool for a year now, but I am absolutely thrilled by it.

What does it do?

LanguageTool checks your writing. It is as easy as that. And it has quite some nice features while still being dead simple to use. It comes with an add-on for every major browser, but also integrates into both open source and proprietary office solutions. It currently supports five major languages, and it is possible to host your own instance of the server software wherever you like, even on your local computer. You do not have to take care of the server yourself though. There is a public server available, and it is configured by default when installing the add-on. You can optionally sign up for a free account that comes with some more features and there is even a paid premium version for professionals and companies.

Getting started

Getting started is a breeze for everyone: Just install the add-on from your browsers add-on store, and you are good to go.

Doing some tweaking

If you are satisfied with the defaults, there is really nothing more to do. However, I took a look at the settings and enabled the picky mode and set my mother tongue. The latter helps LanguageTool to warn you of so called 'false friends', the former not only checks for errors, but actually improves your writing.

Going self-hosted

From the day I learned about LanguageTool, I knew it can be self-hosted, and despite not mistrusting the public server in any way, I wanted to host my own instance. So I went for that, and it works like a charm on all my devices and for friends and family too.

Wrapping up

All in all LanguageTool helps me to improve my writing with ease while enabling me to write quickly without needing to think too much about spelling and grammar. My writing looks professional, even if I am short on time or distracted.