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Broken Joplin Flatpak due to Runtime Update

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Today I learned: The Joplin flatpak is broken due to a runtime upgrade of org.freedesktop.Platform.

What seemed to be the problem?

Yesterday I realized, that Joplin stopped working on my Fedora desktop. When I opened it, the window would open, but there would be nothing inside it. Sometimes some artifacts but nothing more. To make things worse, this just popped up after I quickly wanted to cancel a synchronization, because I needed to work on my Nextcloud. You remember yesterday's post ... ? So I first thought, that I broke something. But from what I could tell, The app was just running fine, just the UI seemed broken.

How did I solve the problem?

Well, actually the Linux Mint Forums gave me the solution:

> Recently, the replacement of org.freedesktop.Platform 22.08 by org.freedesktop.Platform 23.08 has broken several flatpak apps such as Calibre, Flycast, Xemu. It might be the reason for breaking Joplin, too.

I actually had a hunch before, that it might have been a rotten update, but my initial thoughts were towards the flatpak itself, which a quick downgrade using Warehouse could prove wrong. Then I went to look for OS updates and actually found some graphics related updates, but I did not want to mess with those in any way, contrary to messing around with the flatpaks.

Wrapping up

Turns out, the solution might just be as easy as I hoped: A future update will probably fix the incompatibility. Until then, I will probably use the AppImage, as I do not want to downgrade the freedesktop.Platform runtime, potentially breaking other flatpaks.