Robin Gierse

Today I learned

Install GrapheneOS as root

2 min read

Today I learned: Installing GrapheneOS works best as root.

What seemed to be the problem?

I wanted to install GrapheneOS on my new Pixel phone. Their guide is great, and while I could not perform the web-based approach due to my choice of browsers, the command line instructions where spot on. Except for one thing: Flashing the custom ROM as a non-root user did not work for me on Fedora Linux. And while they even explain the underlying reasons (access to USB devices) and provide a solution, even with some research and workarounds I could not make it work.

How did I solve the problem?

It was as easy as performing the installation as root. It is even hinted on in their guide, that this might be the easiest approach, but I was curious if I could follow their non-root instructions to the point.

Wrapping up

I just started using GrapheneOS, but I already like the experience. Even with the minor hiccup in the installation process, I still love how easy the setup was.

Post scriptum

A former colleague and friend wrote a blog post on how he installed GrapheneOS on his device, so if you are interested in that, head over to his blog post in German language. Another recommendable blog post that gives a great overview of what GrapheneOS is from a technical and privacy point of view is this article in German language by the German IT security professional Mike Kuketz.