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How to get rid of the games on Netflix

2 min read

Today I learned: How to get rid of the annoying games on Netflix (in the browser).

You might have noticed, that Netflix blessed us with a new feature (this might not be available in your country yet): Games! Yeah!

Now you might ask yourself "Netflix and Games, why?", as did I. But as it is a common theme amongst tech companies these days, to build features no one asked for, it is not surprising, that you cannot turn it off in the Netflix settings.

A quick internet research confirmed my fears: Yes, there is no way to easily disable this rotten present.

Enter uBlock Origin. I have been using this ad blocker for years, and it did what I needed right after installation without any added configuration. A feature I did not really pay attention to yet, is the so-called "zapper mode", which you can enter by clicking on the add-on and then on the little lightning in the lower left. This mode enables you to choose elements on a site and "zapp" them, meaning uBlock Origin will block them from now on.

And as easy as that, with an add-on I use anyway and two clicks did I get rid of games on Netflix. At least until they change the layout. But then it's just "zapping" time again.