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Today I enjoyed

The Days

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Today I enjoyed: The Days.

The Days is a TV show, that documents the events of the Fukushima nuclear accident, following an earthquake and a tsunami. It is not a documentary though, but it tries to stay true to the real events, while still dramatizing the material to make it interesting.

I have one major criticism, which I want to get out of the way, before diving into why I like the show. And the criticism is this: The show drags terribly most of the time. I watched the whole thing on 1.25 times the speed and even then some scenes felt excruciatingly long. I mean, do not get me wrong, the story pictured here certainly has a lot of weight and one wants to bring this feeling to the audience, but at some point it nearly feels comical.

That being said, I really enjoyed the show. It takes time to tell very personal stories in parallel to the overarching story of the nuclear disaster unfolding. We see several people becoming heroes through both their actions and resilience, even in the eyes of near-certain death. Among others, we learn about the plant manager, who does everything in his power to prevent the worst case, by being capable, thoughtful and even insubordinate at times, where the companies management as well as the government hesitate to make decisions. His second in line, an entirely different character but not less important carries his weight by making sure everyone stays connected and by providing his boss with the necessary information when he needs it.

The overall themes in the TV show are the force of nature, political interference, nuclear power but also humanity, bravery, and dedication. It conveys important messages, without being patronizing or preachy. I think this show is a powerful story about what we can achieve when working together, but also a warning towards the terror of nuclear power, when it gets out of control.

This show will leave you somewhat unsettled, while also restoring your faith in humanity. I thought it was a strong story, and it kept me hooked to the very end.