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Today I enjoyed

Sweet Tooth

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Today I enjoyed: Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth follows the character of the same nickname on a quest in a post apocalyptic world. And while this sounds like the premise of a ton of shows and movies out there, I thought it had a fresh approach and some good ideas. We quickly learn about "The Sick", which caused "The great crumble", which killed billions of people and ended society as we know it. "The Sick" seems to have been inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic, but the writers neither try to shove it down the viewers throats, nor do they overdo the similarity. It is just something I could not overlook.

The show focuses on the main character by the name of Gus, or Sweet Tooth by nickname. We get to know him in Yellowstone National Park, where he and his father live. But the idyllic live gets disturbed one day and ultimately Gus has to go on a journey, that will not only change him and his life, but also the whole world and the remainders of humankind.

I liked this show for several reasons: First I love to see Nonso Anozie on a good show again. Secondly Gus is a great, sympatric character and is delivered nicely by Christian Convery. Third, the show has a lot of kids in it - which is very relevant to the story as you will quickly learn - and that works very well in this case. The characters are likeable, and the kids are doing a great job bringing them to live. The supporting cast also works well, but I cannot mention them all here. Let me close with James Brolin, who does the voice-over, and I fell a bit in love with his voice.

Overall, I really enjoyed this show and I cannot wait for the next season. Sure there are some well known tropes and story beads, but there is something fresh about this show and the characters are likeable, believable and mostly competently played. And there are definitely some characters sticking out, which you will spot along the way.

I can wholeheartedly recommend this show, enjoy!