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Today I enjoyed

Star Trek: Prodigy

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Today I enjoyed: Star Trek: Prodigy.

Up front: This is a kid's show, and I am pretty certain, that makes it harder for me to find a fair judgement. Although I like to think that my inner child is still very much alive.

Star Trek: Prodigy felt a bit star-warsy to me at first. It actually took 13 episodes, until I got genuine Star Trek vibes.

On the negative side, there are some bad logic issues for me. Be it a holodeck, where characters remember previous runs or a star ship performing maneuvers, that are not possible in the vacuum of space.

On the bright side we get compelling and colorful characters, which kept me invested and made me want to continue watching. And we get a nice little throwback experience with both a holographic and a real Janeway.

All in all this is not really Star Trek. And it is nothing groundbreaking. The characters, tropes, and twists have all been there. But as a science fiction and Star Trek fan, I can appreciate this as a enjoyable little on-the-side entertainment. Nothing more, but also nothing less.