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Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver

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Today I enjoyed: Rebel Moon - Part Two: The Scargiver.

Honestly, I did not enjoy it. At all. I actually could not wait for it to end.

For most of my criticism about the movie, I am going to reference my former post about Part One. Literally nothing improved in this second part. And - if I remember correctly - while Zack Snyder promised, that the second part would add at least some missing pieces from the first part, it did not. What's even worse: This time around the full stupidity of the whole premise and backstory hit me. A little farming village against a huge ass spaceship, that can wipe the whole village out in a single blast, and you want to tell me, they would not do that because of ... wait for it ... flour?! You read that right. Flour. On that note, Snyder seems to like farming a lot, as a third of the film seemed to be lense-flared slow-motion shots of people farming crops. What a mess!

It has been some time, since a movie has so utterly and entirely disappointed me. I love anything science fiction and even a poor sci-fi flick might entertain me enough for me to not be angry. But this time I am angry, both for the movies not being at least decent and for the time lost watching them. And I really wanted to like this one, and I would have loved to see it becoming the next Star Wars of sorts. But this was far from it. Given all the big names and talented people involved, I do not understand how it could turn out so poorly.

Long story short: Do not watch it. It is Netflix content and/or a Zack Snyder vanity project at their worst. Poor effects, poor script, poor camera work and mostly poor acting.