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Today I enjoyed

Ready Player One

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Today I enjoyed: Ready Player One.

Well yesterday to be honest, and it was not the first time mind you.

Ready Player One is a splendid piece of modern cinematography. It has great graphics, epic fights and battles, as well as romantic elements and of course a shitload of pop culture references.
Even while watching it for the third or fourth time, I was pulled into the Oasis just as if I logged in myself. I love the story, which is the classical hero journey, but it does not get boring. Spielberg weaves both the Oasis and the real world into a storyline that is not revolutionary, but it keeps me invested throughout the full movie. There are moments, where I cannot stop smiling or even laughing, while in other moments I am sitting on the edge of my couch, barely able to take the suspense and yet again there might be one or another tear rolling down my cheek.
If you have not seen this masterpiece yet but enjoyed for example this year's Super Mario Bros movie, I recommend you watch it. Both movies are entirely different, but chances are you will love both.