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Today I enjoyed

One Trillion Dollars

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Today I enjoyed: One Trillion Dollars. Or "Eine Billion Dollar" as the German original is named.

And I have mixed feelings. On the one hand we get an interesting and slight crazy character by Oliver Masucci, on the other hand the German dubbing is using way too much English and anglicisms, which just felt weird.

The overall story is captivating and kept me invested, but the first and last two episodes made me feel like this should have been a several season show, but was cut short for some reason. Although the show's status on TMDB says "Ended", which means it was not canceled, so it apparently was intended like this.

I like the story in general, because the global financial markets are probably Potemkin villages to a lot of us, hence thrillers dealing with this topic tend to be intriguing. And I liked some pictures the camera captured and some locations where the show was shot. And while I really liked Oliver Masucci as a crazy financial genius, the show did not excite me that much, and I would probably not have finished, if went on any longer.

In conclusion, I want to say this is an average show. It is good fun, if you want to kill a few hours, but do not expect a Marc Elsberg or Frank Schätzing level story.