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Today I enjoyed

Gran Turismo

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Today I enjoyed: Gran Turismo.

On opening night in Germany actually, so quite some time ago already.

Gran Turismo follows the story of a young man who loves to play the name-giving racing simulation 'Gran Turismo' and one day gets a chance to translate his digital skills into the real world and onto a racetrack.

When leaving the cinema, I really liked the movie and I felt well entertained. But after a few days and some input from critics I felt my perception shifting. I mean, do not get me wrong, I have no problem with my personal perception of a movie not matching with the critics voices. But I did realize, that at least some aspects were flawed.

For example, the racing scenes are kind of jumpy. You never really get to experience 'real' racing feeling, because the camera keeps cutting. It still looks lively and energetic, but it feels hasty at times. Then there is a love story which makes no sense at all for the movie. It is nice and uncomplicated, but it adds nothing to the progress of the story really. And the first hour drags a little as the pace is really slow, while we learn about Jann's way into the racing business.

On the brighter site, we have great performances by David Harbour, who really brings home the chief and racing engineer and Djimon Hounsou as Jann's father, trying to set him on a good path.

To summarize: I liked the movie then and I still do. I will probably watch it again at home some day, to see how it aged. If you like racing or gaming in general, this is probably a movie for you, and you will not regret watching it. If you can look over the flaws and just want to be entertained, this movie is probably still good fun.