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Today I enjoyed

Everything Everywhere All at Once

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Today I enjoyed: Everything Everywhere All at Once.

And I am at a loss of words. Seems kind of pointless to write a blog post then, you might think. But I want to get this written down, while the memory is still fresh, and I am still amazed, puzzled and touched.

Everything Everywhere All at Once has it all: Bagels, Bureaucracy and Butt plugs.
I do not even know which genres are involved. Sci-Fi? Thriller? Horror? Action? Martial Arts? All of the above? This film manages to keep you confused, thrilled and laughing, all at once (see what I did there?).
It goes from total absurdity, to kick-ass action, to heart-felt emotion and all the way back.

I am going to refrain from summarizing the plot, because others do that way better. And frankly, there is just way too much going on. There is an emotional story in the core of this movie, but it never feels cheesy. There are really well choreographed fights, weird and unexpected twists and turns and even some philosophical deepness which really rocks (You will get that pun, after watching the movie). And it all just works, everything falls right into place. It never feels too much, although it goes over the top time and again.

Would I summarize this movie in one sentence, it would go something like this: This movie feels like going to the authorities to renew your license while being on LSD.