Robin Gierse

Today I enjoyed


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Today I enjoyed: Barbie.

I am just back from the cinema and I can tell you one thing: It is not a kids' movie.

Barbie is not your average sparkling princess and fairy tale film. Although it takes us on a journey to Barbieland, a colorful world full of glee and happiness, all is not right, as one day is not - as every day - a perfect day for Barbie. This is when the screamingly colorful story takes a turn and pulls us deeper into a world struggling with patriarchy, toxicity and unrealistic expectations.

All the bright colors, the design of Barbieland and the costumes look thrilling and vivid, everything looks just right for this movie. And the acting is great as well, especially Ryan Gosling is spot on and gives a ridiculous Ken. I felt entertained all the way, be it by the looks of everything, tiny action bits, heartfelt moments or just pure comedy. The humor has it's very own quality which suits this film very well.

But apart from the look and feel, and the razor sharp comedy, this movie also provides perspective and might leave a bitter, slightly shameful aftertaste for some, both male and female. The audience is presented with a mirror of society and confronted with the shortcomings in equality that we did not overcome to this day. I even felt a bit uncomfortable myself at times while I at the same time wanted to laugh out loud.

Overall, I definitely recommend watching Barbie. You might not love it, you might even hate it, but you will certainly take something from it.