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Today I enjoyed

Baby Reindeer

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Today I enjoyed: Baby Reindeer.

And let me tell you: This is a weird one. Good. Intense. Unsettling. Utterly weird. And on top of that: It is based on a true story.

Trigger warning: This show deals with sexual abuse and stalking.

I am not going to dive too much into the plot. A woman walks into a bar and the bar tender buys her a drink. From that moment on, he cannot get rid of her. I leave it to you, to find out, how the rest of the story unfolds. The show goes from being unsettling at times to being hilarious and back to being weird. It turns corners, which I did not see coming, and it kept me invested all the time, although I could never shake the subtle feeling of unease. But with it being a miniseries with only seven episodes between 30 and 45 minutes, it is quick watch. You can even binge it on a slow weekend.

To summarize: The show did something with me. I cannot say what it was exactly, but it strung a chord and entertained me very well, even though it deals with a pretty heavy story. So if the trigger warnings above do not repel you, I dare you to watch it!