Robin Gierse

Schizophrenic microwave

1 min read

First a serious note: Mental illness is a major issue, and it does not receive enough attention to this day. If you are struggling or need help, reach out to someone or talk to a friend or relative. You are not alone!

On to the funny business: Mental illness in humans is obviously a problem, but who thinks about the machines? What if they develop split personalities or worse? For example, if your microwave started behaving weird in the beginning of March, that might be due to the fact, that it thinks it is a steam oven. You read that right. Due to a human error, a software update for certain microwave models of the German manufacturer AEG makes the appliances think they are steam ovens, which results in an error message and an unusable device.

The only way to fix it, is a home call from your favorite machine shrink - sorry - a service technician, who makes sure the microwave finds back to her true self.